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Bettie Page style jumper dress and blouse


Sadly, the rockabilly look as been misappropriated by the painfully
fashionable (as opposed to the painfully stylish), but that shouldn’t
stop you looking at Bettie Page stylings like this one from Bernie Dexter.

Of course, doing ‘a Bettie’,
doesn’t mean you have to send everyone’s pulses racing with dangerous
and raunchy gear, as this sleek two-piece overall is testament to. This great outfit allows you to dress up for a
formal ‘do, or just as easily sport it on a rock ‘n’ roll dancefloor. The blouse buttons
up the
back and you can still be bad, even if you look like you’re a

Get it from Bernie Dexter’s website for $130.

Find out more from the website

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