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A tribute to Reg Varney

Reg Varney – one of Britain’s finest comic actors and of course, star of classic 60s/70s sitcom On The Buses, sadly died this weekend. But he did at least manage to rack up a fair old innings of 92 years. Interestingly, Varney was also the first man to use a cash point – opening the first machine in Enfield, North London, back in 1967. Remember that if you ever do a pub quiz.

Anyway, rather than ramble on, how about we just feature a clip – like the intro to the first On The Buses movie from 1971 – the highest grossing British movie of the year, even taking more at the box office than the year’s Bond movie (Diamonds Are Forever). If you’ve never seen the show, this clip tells you just about everything about it. Here’s to you Reg…