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A tribute to Reg Varney

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Reg Varney – one of Britain’s finest comic actors and of course, star of classic 60s/70s sitcom On The Buses, sadly died this weekend. But he did at least manage to rack up a fair old innings of 92 years. Interestingly, Varney was also the first man to use a cash point – opening the first machine in Enfield, North London, back in 1967. Remember that if you ever do a pub quiz.

Anyway, rather than ramble on, how about we just feature a clip – like the intro to the first On The Buses movie from 1971 – the highest grossing British movie of the year, even taking more at the box office than the year’s Bond movie (Diamonds Are Forever). If you’ve never seen the show, this clip tells you just about everything about it. Here’s to you Reg…

12 thoughts on “A tribute to Reg Varney

  1. So we say farwell to Reg Varney/Stan Butler as he takes his final journey onboard the number 11 bus to the Cemetery Gates DING DING.
    A fine actor, entertainer, pianist, artist and all round nice guy.
    Gone but not to be forgotten here at the ON THE BUSES fanclub

  2. Such sad news. A great loss to the British entertainment industry and such a wonderful actor. Thanks Reg for all the happiness and laughter that you have given thousands like myself. We will always remember you. You will never be forgotten. Now you really have reached the cemetary gates.
    God bless!

  3. As i am only 22 i never rememebered On The Buses when it origionaly when on air. But having all the dvds it’s one of my best comedies ever! Reg was a great comedian which you don’t get anymore. Very sad news.
    RIP Reg
    steve (huddersfield)

  4. Unfortunately you wont be getting that bus out butler well not in this world anyway!
    i think on the buses is and still is great my son is only 4 years old and he is always saying can i watch on the buses as i have got every episode and all the films he has watched them all many times it is priceless and it is because in a big part because of butler.
    Reg you were a great actor regards to your family. Richard and family

  5. Very sad news..Reg,May the STAR that you are go on shining brightly bringing much laughter for many years to come…..i will never forget that special time that i spent in your company,on a bus along with a couple of other fan club members,interviewing you for a South Bank special on comedy greats…you certainely shall always be one of the best loved comic actors ever…to us fans you will always be remembered,as your autobiography was titled, The Little Clown…..RIP Reg…Much Love and sorrow …Ian

  6. a very sad loss,a national treassure,the show,ON THE BUSES is a british masterpiece,i remember the show and did we laugh,no need to swear or over excess crudeness,just good old plain british comedy,reg will be missed,thanks for the laughter

  7. i know weve all herd it all before but i’ll say anyway ‘they don’t make them like that anymore’
    Reg has gone but will never be forgotten and thanks for all the laughs you have given me and my family. Godbless.

  8. Sadly, another truly great British icon gone…thank you so very much for making us laugh, and taking us back to a little simpler time in life.

  9. REG VARNEY what memories as ON THE BUSES was excellent. Butler has now gone to the BIG BUS DEPOT IN THE SKY he will be sadly missed i look forward when im gone for SERVICE 11 to cemetary gates as STAN takes me on my final trip. GOD BLESS YOU REG WE MISS YOU AS EVERYONE LOVED STAN EXCEPT MISRABLE INSPECTOR CYRIL BLAKE (BLAKEY TO HIS ENEMIES)

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