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Derringer bicycle – 1920s-style eco bike


I don’t think these are selling anywhere in the UK (at least, not as far as we can see), but if you happen to be in the US (or fancy paying the shipping), the Derringer bicycle is a stylish way of cutting through the traffic.

Not just a retro-styled bike, the Derringer is a motorised bicycle, designed to look like a 1920s racing bike. And with a fuel economy upwards of 150 mpg from the 49cc engine (capable of up to 35mph), it’s also a cost-effective way of getting around. Even better if you use the pedals.

Plenty of distinctive designs to choose from, all the work of industrial designer Adrian Van Anz and all guaranteed to turn heads as you travel. If you want to know or want to find all those all-important prices, drop Derringer an email via the website.

Find out more at the Derringer website

  • AviationMetalSmith

    People are going to ask “where are the fenders?” and “where is the chain-guard(s)?”

  • Yeah! Where are they?