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Fuji limited edition Instax Mini 7S camera – the Polaroid returns


Well, Polaroid has departed the instant photography market, but that’s not the end of the technology – Fuji is taking over where Polaroid left off with the Fuji Instax Mini 7S camera, also known as the Cheki 7.

These super-cool limited edition cameras use Fuji Instax film to produce shots sized around 54 x 86mm (the actual photo sized at 46 x 62mm). No tweaking of your shots, no printing and immediate memories. The camera isn’t bad either, packing an automatic built-in flash, simple exposure control, infinity focusing and a high quality Fujinon lens.

Take your pick from brown and white, with prices starting at around £63 from the Lomography shop.

Find out more at the Lomography website