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Original Arctic Roll returns to the supermarket shelves


A 1970s favourite that went out of fashion in the 1990s is back on the market – Arctic Roll, courtesy of Bird’s Eye.

For the uninitiated, Arctic Roll is a tough one to describe – think vanilla ice cream wrapped in a layer of sponge cake, with some raspberry jam holding things together. And it comes out of the freezer, meaning just a spot of defrosting is required to hit optimum temperature!

The new version comes complete with a 70s-style box and indeed a new flavour – a chocolate variation (with chocolate ice cream, sponge and sauce) is also heading to the supermarket freezer. Look out for it from this month, priced around £1.99.

Bird’s Eye website

4 thoughts on “Original Arctic Roll returns to the supermarket shelves

  1. Yay! Now I feel like having a whole retro themed dinner party – prawn cocktail, cock au vin and artic roll! Maybe even some angel delight!
    Off to the shops for me!

  2. Yay! I feel so spoilt now… Fishy fingers, peas and smash followed by artic roll in front of Blue Peter sounds like retro heaven!!

  3. I had one one of these today and it was horrible. I don’t know what Birds Eye have done to the ice cream but it tastes rank and leaves a horrid after taste in the mouth. Nothing like the Arctic rolls I loved as a kid. YUK!!

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