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Vintage-style leather satchel at Labour and Wait

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Before the sports bag there was the infinitely more stylish leather satchel. And you can still pick one up at Labour and Wait.

Take your pick from small, large and extra large, as well as black, brown or the vintage brown below, all with an adjustable strap, plenty of capacity, buckle fastening and a place for your personal details.

Available online, prices start at £68.

Find out more at the Labour and Wait website

3 thoughts on “Vintage-style leather satchel at Labour and Wait

  1. God, I used to have one of these in primary school. You used to have to fill in your name and address and stick it in the little pouch at the front. I can’t remember whether it was in case you lost the satchel or yourself, probably both.
    I think that actually looks beter than a sports bag. At least there was no free advertising for anyone.

  2. I got this as a present this Xmas, and it is BRILLIANT. I too had a school satchel, and it had my name and address printed in BEST HANDWRITING by my grandad on a little card – cut of of a cornflakes box – in the front pocket. Not really sure how ‘safe’ it is for kids to advertise their personal details to anyone and everyone, but thankfully I am still alive.
    I’m a girl, so fortunately I have many more options than a sports bag, but this is so unapologetically, thrillingly prim I feel compelled, nay, that it is downright NECCESSARY to give myself a side-parting every time I carry it – which goes very nicely with my floral tea dress, thanks . Now I just need a quarter of rosy apples and some t- bar shoes. Then my life will be complete.

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