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Clarks Originals 1970s Oberon shoes back on the shelves

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Clarks Originals seems to be really digging into the archives this year. First we had the return of the Rambler shoe and now we have another reissue with a similar vintage – the Clarks Originals Oberon shoes.

First introduced in 1975 and still screaming the era, the Oberon mixed a classic Clarks Polyveldt construction and a quality leather upper with those chunky brown laces and even chunkier crepe sole.

The Clarks site has four colour options (including the two above) and just about every size (including half sizes), all selling for £75.

Clarks website

Note that there is also a Clarks Outlet, which is also worth a browse.

Update: This style is no longer available officially but you can pick up pairs on eBay.

3 thoughts on “Clarks Originals 1970s Oberon shoes back on the shelves

  1. fabulous shoes, polyveldt soles are great. have had many pairs in the past. I could not understand why they stopped using polyveldt soles. will definitely buy a pair if I see them.

  2. I had a pair of the original Polyveldt boots in the blue and red…lovely and comfy and wore them for ages until one of the soles cracked right across.
    Nice to hear they are back. I will look out for them.

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