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1970s Style Laptop Notebook

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1970s style laptop

 You know our love of retro extends across all things, including technology. So here's a 1970s style laptop. Lightweight, cheap, portable – yep, okay, it's a notebook. 

Designed for all those proud Luddites and part of the Waldo Pancake range, it exclaims its status across the front cover. Inside, it's pretty much a traditional notebook with 100 pages half blank, half lined ready for your scribbles. 

And much cheaper than your MacBook too, at a mere £6.50. 

Buy it from Utility Design

One thought on “1970s Style Laptop Notebook

  1. I remember someone bringing out a note book with a picture of a Palm Pilot on the cover a few years ago. It was the actual size and shape of one of these portable computers, which I used at the time. Perhaps Filofax could bring out one as well!

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