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eBay watch: 1970s Guzzini Brumbury table light by Luigi Massoni


It's not as cheap as some of the designs we feature in our eBay spot, but this 1970s Guzzini Brumbury table light by Luigi Massoni could be good value.

I think this dates to 1972, a real statement light on or off (and I should know, as I own two), with both the stem above the chrome base and the shade lighting up from four bulbs when you flick those power switches.

The one here is labelled badly on eBay, with no details of either the name or the designer, just that it's a 'Guzzini' design. According to the seller, it's in 'prefect' condition and still with the Guzzini stickers on the light.

An amazing light and one that has started to go for big money of late on eBay. This one is bid-less at a £150 starting price or £250 on a 'buy it now'. The latter looking like a very good price if that condition is correct.

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