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Limited edition Lekki x Nintendo Game Boy Classic

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Not just an old Gameboy, this is the Lekki x Nintendo Game Boy Classic.

Yes, from the company the renovates vintage mobile phones for the modern era come the return of a handheld from a bygone era – or the 1980s if you like. To be fair, this one carried on into the 1990s, despite having just a monochrome display and an 8-bit processor. Its continued success was down to the sheer playability of the games developed for it. Even now, the pick of the releases are incredibly addictive.

The Lekki version is all about cosmetic change, a limited edition run of just 40 units in four shiny new colours, complete with all-new Lekki packaging. Each one sells for 80 Euros and comes with a Tetris game. Of course, you could just go on eBay and bid for one too, which has the  (non-coloured or renovated) hardware right now from 99 pence and the games for a similar amount. See also junk shops and car boot sales for much the same.

Find out more at the Lekki website

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