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eBay watch: Ikea Energi Gas space age table lamp

We featured on of these a while back and to be honest, the images of this Ikea Energi Gas space age table lamp look suspiciously similar. Not that we're bothered, this is one of the coolest modern-era examples of space age design around.

At least, it is for the money. As we mentioned last time out, it was a short-lived Carl Öjerstam and Magnus Elebäck design, with that limited availability meaning it's a tough find these days.

The plastic lamp is said to be in perfect working order and dismantles to three parts, so probably easy to post. There is some 'yellowing' to the stem and some 'minor marks/scratches' due yo wear and tear over the years, but apparently nothing to detract from the overall design.

The price is £16 right now, should you fancy it.

Find out more at the eBay website


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