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Ariel Rider vintage-style electric bicycles

Style definitely meets substance with these wonderful Ariel Rider vintage-style electric bicycles.

Ariel Rider is the work of two Turkish-born engineers operating out of Hong Kong, but shipping these wonderful bikes worldwide. They have been making bikes for other companies, but have decided to go it alone to produce a bike that mixes old school charm with cutting edge technology.

So you get a something that looks like a vintage cruiser bike at first glance, but you get the high end finish, such as Japanese leather for the detailing and accessories, a strong and lightweight aluminium structure, powerful disc brakes, LED lights (which turn on automatically when it goes dark) and an advanced trip computer and Samsung battery cells for the all-important power. Top speed is around 20mph.

The end result is what you see above and below. What we don't know right now is the price. If you want to own one, you will need to enquire about that, but note that there is a waiting list already for an Ariel Rider, which is full until at least the end of April. But do get in touch with the company for further information.

Find out more at the Ariel Rider website




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