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The Vintage Pattern Selector book: The Sewer’s Guide to Choosing and Using Retro Styles

Vintage pattern selector

Do the fashions of past decades inspire you to want to make your own clothes? A good starting point may be this book, The Vintage Pattern Selector: The Sewer's Guide to Choosing and Using Retro Styles

Written by Jo Barnfield, this book provides the basic building blocks from which you can build your own look, whether it's a 1950s circle skirt, a 60s shift dress or a 70s collar. Each project uses attractive and clear diagrams to explain techniques (there's an example of a page below), and the book also offers advice on authentic fabric and colour schemes for each period. A CD providing 15 printable patterns is also included with the book, so there's plenty of practical advice – as well as inspiration – to be picked up here. 

Order a copy for £11.29 from Waterstones

Vintage pattern selector inside

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