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Derek Yaniger at Castor and Pollux, Brighton

Spirits live derek yangier

Fans of midcentury-influenced artwork should head for Brighton, as Castor and Pollux are showing screenprints by Derek Yaniger from now until 11 July. But if you can't make it down to the sea, there's a fantastic collection of his work available online through the gallery. 

There's a satisfying number of 26 different prints available for sale, making it an attractive alternative to shopping through Derek's US-based website. The prints illustrate everything in swinging style, from tiki lounges to beautiful women and frantic hepcats. 

However, there's relatively small numbers of each print available, so snap them up now. 

Prices range from £35 (which would buy you the print above) to £75. 

See the collection online

Hepcat heather

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