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Vintage-style circular bag from Rocket Originals

Circular bag front

It's coming up for summer holiday time. And for style on the go, this vintage-style circular bag from Rocket Originals might just be your new best friend. 

Rocket Originals are known for their specialisation in 1940s and 50s styles. This vintage-inspired bag gains extra authenticity points for its use of straw, well-used when other materials were scarce and also perfect for capturing a taste of summer style. Black, maroon and natural-coloured straw is used to create the circular motif here, while a black cotton material forms the body of the bag. 

So, it's lightweight, but another bonus is that the bag also packs down flat – another argument for fitting this style into your luggage. 

And it's not too pricey either. You can order one for £20.

Order directly from Rocket Originals

Circular bag side

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