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New book Style Me Vintage: Home: A Practical and Inspirational Guide to Retro Interior Design

Style Me Vintage home

A new title in the ever popular Style Me Vintage series of books, Style Me Vintage Home is coming out in a few weeks time and promises to be 'a Practical and Inspirational Guide to Retro Interior Design'. 

The book is written by Keeley Harris, a vintage store owner and event organiser, specialising in vintage fairs, known online as 'Discover Vintage'. 

Like the other books in the series – covering everything from hair to accessories – it takes you through looks from decade to decade, from the 1920s to the 70s. It also demonstrates how homeowners have worked with vintage and how to use it as part of a contemporary look – as illustrated nicely in the living room photo below that's taken from the book. 

As well as offering plenty of inspiration, the book also offers practical tips for buying, restoring, displaying and living with vintage homewares.

You can pick up a copy for £14.99. 

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Image credits: Heather Hobhouse

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