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Midcentury-style Kingsbury sofas and armchair at Sofas and Stuff

It’s a new arrival and as an added bonus, the Kingsbury sofas and armchair at Sofas and Stuff are in their ‘Pronto’ range. Which means it’s good to go in a matter of days.

We’ll come to that in a moment, but for now we’ll look at the design. That’s essentially seating with a midcentury-inspired look and a distinctive feature of the high back, matched up with some curves and the angled wooden legs.

The range includes a large sofa, a small sofa and an armchair, each available in a choice of six colours.

As we said, this is pretty much ready to go, with the maker promising seven-day delivery on all the colours. As for prices, the large sofa is priced from £752, the small sofa from £613 and the chair from £412.

Find out more at the Sofas and Stuff website



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