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Angry Children cushions featuring 60s and 70s architecture

Angry Children cushions

If you are a regular reader of this site, you'll be well aware of the work of People Will Always Need Plates. For a new twist on the architecture on homeware theme, how about their German equivalent in the form of these Angry Children cushions featuring 60s and 70s Berlin buildings?

The Angry Children range is the work of s.wert designs and is so-called because they are angry about building fronts that have disappeared or are about to disappear. For example, the cushion on the right shows Ahronblatt, or 'Mapleleaf' building: built in East Berlin between 1970-3 and demolished in 2001. 

There are seven different designs to choose from, all featuring buildings dating from the sixties and seventies, including the Haus der Statistik design shown on the left. Each cushion cover costs 33 euros.

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