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Official Mad Men Collection at Banana Republic now available


We flagged it up some time back, but now it looks like the first items in the official Mad Men Collection are now available to buy online at Banana Republic.

The items have landed in the US store (which does international shipping), with clothing and accessories for both men and women designed by Janie Bryant, who designed the costumes for the TV show.

Some examples above and over the page. Above, you can see the lace tipped dress, with short sleeves, a draped neckline, a lace trim at neck and hem, invisible back zip and vented back hem. That sells for $150. The other is the lace dress, which has cap sleeves, a boat neckline and invisible back zip. $130 for that.

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Categories / Men's Fashion, Women's Fashion

Banana Republic to launch official Mad Men Collection for men and women


Plenty of labels have produced Man Men-inspired clothing, but from this August, there's an official Mad Men capsule collection hitting the shelves, courtesy of Banana Republic, of all people.

According to Style Bistro, the new line will launch in the US in late summer, presumably hitting the European version of the store not long after. It's been designed by Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant too, so not just some branding exercise.

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