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Folk Cushion from John Lewis

It being a Jubilee year, Union Jack-covered and Royalty-inspired products are everywhere but this Folk Cushion from John Lewis is one of the better items I’ve seen.

It features a Beefeater in traditional costume against a deep red background. The simple style of the character gives the cushion a bit more class than a lot of the other Jubilee-themed products. It is made from polyester felt and measures 45cm by 45cm. The cushion costs £35.

Buy it online from John Lewis.

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London Folk Mugs from Our Workshop

Folk mugs

Got your London traybag and lunchbox? If you really do love London town, you're sure to want to complete your collection with these London Folk Mugs from Our Workshop

Far removed from tourist tat, these mugs are actually quite classy little fellows – in fact they remind me of the work of Kenneth Townsend and his London series of tiles from the late 60s/early 70s. Each mug features a simple illustration of three characters of London – the Yeoman, the Royal Guard and a policeman – beautifully depiciting their iconic outfits, and their fine moustaches. 

A mug costs £12. 

Buy them online