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Thumbs Up 1980s-style ‘Brick’ iPhone case


As we seem to be on the verge of re-living the 1980s both politically and economically, you might want to accessorise yourself with something that fits the era – like this Thumbs Up iPhone case.

Yes, not only is it a case to keep your iPhone safe, it also turns your cutting-edge smartphone into one that looks like first generation yuppie's phone. Or Del Boy off Only Fools and Horses if you want a lower-rent comparison.

It still gives you access to all the controls and fits 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPhones, as well as giving your mates a laugh. Thing is, they might be laughing at you rather than with you. £12.99 gets you one.

Update: You can now buy one of these online from the Firebox website.