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Clown Collar Blouse from ASOS


When tackling retro looks the high street can often shy away from braver vintage inspiration, but once in a while a risk is taken in just the right way. This Clown Collar Blouse from ASOS may not be for everyone, but with its chic sixties feel it's well worth a look for lovers of the era.

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London Transport Museum babywear

Transport top

As part of their Christmas collection, the London Transport Museum shop have launched a new babywear range that's suitable for any time in the year.

The range features three motifs, all taken from a 1986 poster for the 'One Day travelcard', which was designed by an unknown artist: a Routemaster bus as pictured above, a retro spacecraft or a clown. Though dating from the '80s, the designs draw on the traditional style associated with the transport posters and look a lot earlier in date. Each motif is available on either a cotton long sleeve top, a bib or a hat. 

The bib and the hat are both priced at £6.99 each, while the long sleeve top costs £13.99.

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Test card mug

Test card mug

Back in the days before we had hundreds of channels of TV available 24 hours a day, the test card was a familiar sight. This test card mug features what was perhaps the most commonly remembered test card, the one showing a girl playing noughts and crosses with clown.

Officially known as test card F, it was first broadcast in 1967 and this version was used on the BBC until 1999. It's also been spoofed many times, by everyone from Johnny Vegas to The Mighty Boosh. 

Perfect for supping from while you watch the telly, the mug costs £6.46.

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