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Nice to see you doormat at Colloco

It's become of one of British TVs most famous catchphrases, so if you fancy a Brucie bonus each time you enter your home, invest in this Nice to See You doormat from Colloco.

It's a simple coconut doormat decorated with the phrase 'Nice to see you, To see you nice'. In fact it's so simple, I'm amazed it hasn't been done before. Pair it up with one of Ink's Nice to see you prints for a perfect comedy double act.

The mat costs £19.95.

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Newgate Stuyvesant mantel clock


If the clocks going forward have made you look at your timekeeping in a whole new light, maybe now is the time to invest in a new clock. Step forward the Stuyvesant mantel clock, one of the latest designs from Newgate.

We've featured many of Newgate's models over the years for their retro good looks and this one is no exception. With attractive curved edges, the clock is glass with either a black or red dial and mirrored markers. It measures 14.5cm across, making it even more likely to stand out on a mantelpiece.  

The price is reasonable too, at £19.95

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Newgate Monroe mirror


Recreate the dressing room of a silent movie star with the Newgate Monroe mirror. The mirror looks deliberately vintage and is decorated with decoupage-style images of cosmetics, perfumes and mementos like photographs and postcards. Indeed it's so glamorous you'll probably have to do your make-up before you can bring yourself to look in it!

It's available in two sizes. The small is 27cm high and costs £29.95 while the larger version is 60cm high and costs an additional £44.16. . 

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