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Whitby mug from Mini Moderns

Whitby mugIf you found yourself lusting over Mini Moderns' 1950s-inspired Whitby wallpaper but not able to run to the cost of a roll, they've launched a few options featuring this stylish design that are more purse friendly, such as this Whitby mug.

Featuring a detail of the distinctive seacape design, this mug is only available in one shade – the lido colour, which also matches one of the wallpaper colourways. The mug offers a taster for their full range of Whitby porcelain which is meant to be coming soon to their shop – we'll let you know when it does. Real enthusiasts can meanwhile invest in either or all of a cushion, canvas bag or a tea towel that also features the design. 

The mug costs £8. 

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Eames House of Cards mugs

Eames mug
Though you won't perhaps get the reference at first glance, this new range of mugs uses images from Ray and Charles Eames's House of Cards

The House of Cards was devised by the couple in 1952 and involves a series of cards that slot together. The images on the cards were taken from their own collections and were intended to be a nostalgic look at the everyday. It's those photographs which have been used to decorate this collection of mugs which are colourful and eye-catching in their own right.

The mug above shows a selection of pills while other designs feature things like cotton reels and crayons. The images were all intended to look good together, so buy a selection and your kitchen shelf will reap the rewards. 

The mugs cost £14.10 each.  

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Cole of London’s London mugs

Cole of London

More products celebrating London, though Cole of London's London mugs are a quirky take on the trend.

There are four mugs available, each featuring a different London landmark – pick from Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London or the Houses of Parliament. Each place is depicted in a sketchy style which contrasts to the official looking title and facts that are listed on the side of each mug. It's a style that's reminiscent of the work of Royston Cooper, who produced many travel advertisements in the 50s and 60s – and that's a very good thing indeed.

Made from bone china, the mugs cost £10 each. 

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