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Vintage Fisher Price toys at Firebox


I'm not sure whether these have been discontinued and been brought back, or have simply kept a low profile of late – but you can now get classic Fisher Price toys at Firebox, either for your kids or for your own journey back to childhood.

Yes, long before computers, consoles and digital TV, Fisher Price was offering technology to children in an altogether more simple form. The Chatter Telephone was introduced in 1962, teaching kids how to answer an old school phone, albeit one with a smiley face. The Two Tone TV Music Box hails from '66, playing tunes and scrolling stories, while the Teaching Clock, from 1968 does pretty much what it says.

But for us, the best of the bunch is the Turntable. Yes, turn your kids into vinyl junkies from an early age with this 1971 classic. Wind it up and play 5 records (10 tunes in total). You'll have a budding superstar DJ in no time. Prices vary from £14.99 to £29.99.

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