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Greta Grossman-designed 62-Series midcentury-style desk reissued by Gubi


If the name Greta Grossman is familiar, it might be because of the stunning Cobra Lamp which was reissued last year. In 2012, there's another reissue on the market, the equally stunning 62-Series desk, which has been reintroduced by Gubi.

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Categories / Design and Interiors

1950s Cobra lamp by Greta Grossman


A real midcentury gem has been newly-reissued, this Cobra lamp by Greta Grossman.

Dating back to 1950s (when it won the Good Design Award), the name is pretty self-explanatory, looking very much like a cobra's neck. The tubular arm cam be bent in numerous direction, while the base is powder-coated aluminium, with cast iron ballast.

Three colour options, £295 is the price.

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