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A Rocket In My Pocket – The Hipster’s Guide To Rockabilly Music by Max Decharne


Max Decharne has already wow'd us on these pages with Straight From The Fridge, Dad amongst other works, so we're particularly looking forward to his latest offering, the forthcoming A Rocket In My Pocket – The Hipster's Guide To Rockabilly Music.

The title just about sums it up. This is the story of rockabilly music, from its roots in country, blues, folk, hillbilly, R&B and boogie-woogie to its explosive three-chord arrival on the main stage in the 1950s. But the book digs deeper, looking at the people, the record labels and rockabilly's impact on clubs, movies and fashion. It even covers the later years, with chapters taking in the 1970s revival and its resurgence in the modern era.

325 pages, plenty of black and white shots and the most in-depth bibliography you'll find on the subject. The book is published by Serpent's Tail from 29th July 2010, with Amazon doing pre-orders right now for £7.79. Look out for a review soon.

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Update: There is also an accompanying CD to the book. Find out all about it here.