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The Seventies Unplugged by Gerard De Groot

In his last book The Sixties Unplugged, Gerard De Groot proposed that the 1960s weren’t the happy-go-lucky radical decade of popular belief and now in his new book, he casts a similarly unbiased eye over the 1970s.

The Seventies Unplugged: A Kaleidoscopic Look at a Violent Decade takes an episodic approach to the decade, looking at some of the major political events around the world. In his introduction, De Groot writes that he wanted to move away from the stereotypical view of the 1970s as not being as good as the 1960s, but found that the theme that dominated his research was how violent the decade was. With chapters on dictators, terrorists and Vietnam, it is a pretty serious read and certainly not your typical beach book (although I read it on my recent holiday).

It is available in paperback from Amazon, priced £5.84

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Twenties London: Sex, Shopping and Surburban Dreams by Mike Hutton


If you want to discover the vibrancy of the city between the wars, you might want to get hold of a copy of Twenties London: Sex, Shopping and Surburban Dreams by Mike Hutton.

This 228-age book is described as an 'affectionate recollection of twenties London', examining all facets of metropolitan life from the good time party antics of the Bright Young Things to the seedy underbelly of East End gangland. There's also flapper girls and aesthetes, jazz stars and film legends, but also everyday folk going about their everyday post-war business.

Throwing in some unique photographs and first-hand accounts of life at the time, the book lands on 30th June, but is available to order now – the price is £8.99.

Find out more at the Amazon website

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The Story of Northern Soul book by David Nowell


With all the hype surrounding the Soulboy movie still fresh, it's perhaps the perfect time to update a book on the subject of northern soul. That book is The Story of Northern Soul by David Nowell.

Published by Portico and now on the shelves (virtual or otherwise), it's essentially an updated version of the long out of print Too Darn Soulful, kicking off with the emergence of sould music in the mod clubs of the 1960s, working its way through the northern scene as it developed, throwing in some anecdotes, photos and flyers plus, in this new version, a chapter covering developments and changes since 1999, when the original book was first published.

Amazon has it in stock, with this 330-page book selling right now for just £7.67.

Find out more about the book at the Amazon website

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