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Doctor Who costume t-shirts at Forbidden Planet

Tom baker
Looking for the perfect item to fit into your Tardis wardrobe? Take a look at this range of Doctor Who costume t-shirts which is being sold exclusive to Forbidden Planet.

Each t-shirt is printed with a costume taken from one of the Doctors, like the instantly recognisable scarf of the fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker, which is shown on the design above. Over the page you can see the t-shirt of the third Doctor, who was played by Jon Pertwee. Only six of the Doctors are deemed stylish enough to get their own tee. 

A couple of the designs are available now but you'll have to wait until September and October for the rest. The t-shirts cost either £15.99 or £16.99 depending on style.

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Gold Signet Anchor Ring from Balenciaga


Thanks in part to Sailor Jerry's now iconic tattoo designs, nautical emblems have now become an unmistakeable part of retro fashion culture, inspiring prints and logos throughout fifties inspired clothing. This Gold Signet Anchor Ring from Balenciaga allows a subtle nod to fifties style that can be paired with any outfit.

Made from brass, the yellow gold shade has an instantly vintage look, with the signet design tying into the ring's nautical inspiration too. The engraved anchor design is simple and classic, drawing on a retro feel without looking cartoonish or over the top.

It's available online from Matches Fashion for £225.

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Trudy Earrings from Fred Flare


Second hand shopping can often be a treasure trove for eighties fashion lovers, with plenty of original pieces still to be found among the rails of charity shops and vintage boutiques alike. When it comes to accessories like earrings, however, sometimes it's best to opt for faithful reproductions like these Trudy Earrings from Fred Flare.

Made with an art deco inspired edge, the original pair that inspired these reproductions were most likely made in the eighties. The turquoise and gold combination instantly speaks of the decadence of that era's fashion, while an oversized square shape is sure to get these noticed.

They're available now from Fred Flare for $10 a pair.

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Barneby Gates Promenade wallpaper

More quirky wallpaper, this time courtesy of Barneby Gates and their Promenade design.

You may remember their This Other Eden wallpaper, which appeared to be composed of old photographs. This design also has a vintage appearance, looking like a traditional toile design. Peer a bit closer (there's a close-up over the page to help you) and you'll see an extraordinary range of characters, based on changing fashions of the twentieth-century. So you get a fully decked out teddy boy talking to a flapper boy, or a punk addressing an Edwardian lady. The characters promenade even takes them past iconic temples to fashion such as the Biba store. 

The design is great fun and is sure to be a talking point for many more years. It costs £65 a roll. 

Buy it from Rockett St George

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