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Barneby Gates Promenade wallpaper

More quirky wallpaper, this time courtesy of Barneby Gates and their Promenade design.

You may remember their This Other Eden wallpaper, which appeared to be composed of old photographs. This design also has a vintage appearance, looking like a traditional toile design. Peer a bit closer (there's a close-up over the page to help you) and you'll see an extraordinary range of characters, based on changing fashions of the twentieth-century. So you get a fully decked out teddy boy talking to a flapper boy, or a punk addressing an Edwardian lady. The characters promenade even takes them past iconic temples to fashion such as the Biba store. 

The design is great fun and is sure to be a talking point for many more years. It costs £65 a roll. 

Buy it from Rockett St George

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Snowden Flood Battersea toile fabric plate

Toile plate

This isn't the first time we've featured the iconic outline of Battersea power station and I doubt it will be the last. It's not the first time we've featured a Snowden Flood take on it either. However, the design is given a new twist with Snowden Flood's Battersea toile fabric plate

Unlike her usual designs, which normally feature a plain, colourful outline of the building, here she's gone much further back in the history of textiles for inspiration – to the eighteenth century no less – and filled the outline with a pretty pastoral toile pattern. The contrast works really well and hints at something of the long history of the Thames and its activities. 

It's an unusual piece that costs £35. 

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