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All-new Lambretta LN scooter priced for UK


Regular readers might remember that we featured the return of the Lambretta at the back end of last year. Well, the details of the Lambretta LN scooter launch are starting to take shape – with details of a new Lambretta LS scooter also emerging.

First up, the LN scooter, which has now landed at selected dealers ahead of the full launch. One of those is WK Bikes, which will have the LN 125. There's an LN 150 to follow later in the year. Both are 'twist and go' automatic scooters, mixing that with old school looks reminiscent of the original using plastic and metal.

Not as cheap as you think though. Made in Taiwan and imported into the UK, the Lambretta LN 125 sells for around £3,300. Ouch. Look out for a twin-seated LS scooter too – that's pictured over the page and will come in 50cc and 125cc models. Likely to be cheaper, but we suspect not by a huge amount.

Lambretta website

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eBay watch: 1960s Lambretta Luna 50CL scooter


I was browsing through the French Scootitude magazine the other day and noticed a feature on a rather weird, late '60s Lambretta. Today, I've just noticed one on eBay – the Lambretta Luna 50CL scooter.

It's a Lambretta, but perhaps not as you might expect. This particular small frame / small engined model was introduced in 1968, designed to sit alongside, rather than replace the more traditional scoots. The CL model was the slightly more luxurious model, with a built-in light, rubber mats and those distinctive handlebars.

This one is described as 'totally original', with 'very good' bodywork and seat, but could do with new cables and tyres. It does run well enough though. There's a dating letter from the DVLA showing its originality and can be delivered at cost. Price right now is £700 – loads more images on the listing page.

Find out more at the eBay website

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Lamponi introduces new range of Lambretta table lamps


You might have seen the Vespa lamps and a Lambretta lamp in the past, but now Lamponi has just finished a new set of handmade Lambretta table lamps.

Presumably following the same principle of the past, the lamps mix salvaged old parts with new pieces in the style of vintage Lambrettas to produce something eye-catching, but above all, unique as each item is craftsman made, right down to the polishing and painting.

One of the new lights is pictured above, the other over the page. A talking point for sure, but one that comes at a price – for all that time and effort, you'll be looking at anything from £800. Get in touch with the Italian designer for a definite price and turnaround time.

Lamponi website

Via Modculture

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