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Silk Tulle Prom Dress by Dolce & Gabbana


For most of us the pricetags of high end designer fashion mean even a look at couture is best avoided, but on a few very special occasions there's just no resisting a peek. This Strapless Silk Dress from Dolce & Gabbana is a stunning item that might just be worthy of going out of your way to get your mitts on.

The style takes clear inspiration from fifties prom dresses, but the cut, fabrics and design are a cut above high street looks with the same idea. The full skirt and high waist create an exaggerated femininity, tying in with a sweetheart neckline to achieve the ideal silhouette. In a sumptuous silk, the floral design is irresistibly classic too.

It's available from Matches Fashion in the UK for a staggering price of £3185.

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Silk Button Blouse by Queene and Belle


Among the choices of tops in vintage womenswear, the large majority take a formal vent with blouses being the most commonly seen option. For a genuine vintage-look aesthetic, this Silk Button Blouse by Queene and Belle is a great choice.

The shape and structure are instantly retro, with a high neckline that goes without a collar giving an early twentieth century aesthetic. The delicacy of the beading, crochet at the waist and covered button back all combine to create a look that works for a variety of retro looks from the 20s right up to 40s styles.

Get it online from Matches Fashion for £248.

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Faux Fur Coat by Sonia Rykiel


Mainstream fashion is once again plundering past inspiration this Autumn/Winter season, providing plenty of options for those of us with dedicated retro wardrobes. Faux fur coats are a particularly popular choice, giving great vintage-look options like this one from Sonia by Sonia Rykiel.

The coat's structure and silhouette are kept simple and classic, with an A-line cut, single breast and large collar. With this simplicity, the lush navy faux fur fabric looks uncluttered enough to retain a mid-sixties style that is versatile and timeless.

Get it now from Matches Fashion for £330.

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