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Retro Styled Sweaters by Sonia Rykiel


Warmer weather may be just around the corner for most of us, but that doesn't rule out the room for stylish knitwear in your retro wardrobe just yet. Especially when we're talking about items as stylish as these Retro Sweaters from Sonia by Sonia Rykiel.

The skinny knit tops both start with a slim and feminine silhouette, with a classic crew neck to finish. But it's the subtle addition of fifties motifs that makes these stand out, borrowing from 50s tattoo imagery with both the cherry and anchor emblems. Ideal for a more relaxed nod to retro style, these jumpers are the sort of item you'll wear with everything.

Available now from Matches Fashion in the UK, they're both priced at £208, with the striped option in two colour choices.

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Anchor Honeycomb Cardi by Sonia Rykiel


Many of mainstream fashion's interpretations of the fifties pin-up look rely on a very literal interpretation, amping up the sex appeal. This Anchor Honeycomb Cardi from Sonia by Sonia Rykiel uses more subtle elements, to create a retro piece with versatility.

The cream boating jacket provides an ideal base for cute nautical details like captain's jacket style buttons and an anchor motif. The result provides a piece of outerwear that can be adapted for a number of retro styles, from fifties to eighties looks.

It's available online in the UK from My Wardrobe for £301.

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Faux Fur Coat by Sonia Rykiel


Mainstream fashion is once again plundering past inspiration this Autumn/Winter season, providing plenty of options for those of us with dedicated retro wardrobes. Faux fur coats are a particularly popular choice, giving great vintage-look options like this one from Sonia by Sonia Rykiel.

The coat's structure and silhouette are kept simple and classic, with an A-line cut, single breast and large collar. With this simplicity, the lush navy faux fur fabric looks uncluttered enough to retain a mid-sixties style that is versatile and timeless.

Get it now from Matches Fashion for £330.

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