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Vintage Swimwear Patterns book by Jill Salen

Vintage swimwear

Looking for a new swimming costume ahead of your summer holiday? If you're gifted with some needle and thread and a bit of fabric, you should still have time to fashion yourself something, with a little bit of help from the new book Vintage Swimwear Patterns by Jill Salen

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Lace Livey Sunglasses by Thierry Lasry


For most of us sunglasses are the last things on our minds (and shopping lists) right now, but that's never stopped the fashion industry. Determined to show off their Summer 2011 fodder already, there's some pieces worth buying ahead for, like these Lace Livey Sunglasses by Theirry Lasry.

Sold as womenswear, this pair's appeal goes beyond that to a unisex pair with effortless style. The rounded frames avoid the often clichéd oversized sixties look, instead opting for a smoothly rounded mid size. The tortoiseshell frame, complete with slimmed down arms, are the ideal finishes to a timeless pair of frames.

Get them online from Matches Fashion now for £288.

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Ostrich Suitcase from Urban Outfitters


With the hundreds of unreliable wheeled luggage pieces around at the moment, there really is nothing quite like a well crafted vintage style case to see you right. This Ostrich Suitcase from Urban Outfitters more than makes up in style and craft what it lacks in modern features.

The faux-ostrich skin outer has great retro looks, while the lining and hardware don't put a foot wrong in the style stakes either. The size is ideal for a weekend bag or holdall, keeping all your bits and bobs looking achingly cool. Simple and chic is all you really need.

It's now available from Urban Outfitters for £48.

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Baseball Bomber Jacket from Topshop


While many of the womenswear trends inspired by 1950s America are ultra-feminine – from housewife demure to pin-up girl vamp – there's much great style to be plumbed in the menswear of the time. This Baseball Jacket from Topshop takes a great frat boy look and gives it to the girls.

The jacket is a classic piece of Americana, with banded collar and cuffs serving as a contrast to the soft jersey jacket. Adding the boyfriend-jacket element of the 1950s high school style, this simple piece of outerwear is ideal for a great variety of fifties looks from preppy girl to biker girlfriend.

Get it now from Topshop for £40.

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