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Go Team Go! Popcorn Cones from Pedlars

Vintage Popcorn ConesBring some retro flavour to spectator sports with these clever Popcorn Cones from Pedlars.

Fill with popcorn to scoff whilst you watch the game, then once it's gone, pop out the end stopper and cheer your team on through your very own megaphone. Add baseball, beer and hotdogs for the authentic all-American experience.

These are original cones which date from the mid-1960s. They measure 26cm long and come in a choice of red or blue. They cost £12 each from Pedlars – find out more here.

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Vintage-style Wooden Rounders Set


The English summer is synonymous with all sorts of genteel sporting pursuits and this Wooden Rounders Set will allow you to indulge in one of the finest.

If you can muster 12 people you won't pass a more enjoyable afternoon than harking back to your schooldays for a round of this traditional English game, somewhat akin to baseball.

The set contains all you need – the wooden bat, soft ball, four posts to mark out your pitch and instructions in case you're new to the game or need to remind yourself of the rules. It comes in a rather nice gift box and you also get a handy cotton bag for keeping all the bits together.

It costs £19.99 from dotcomgiftshop here.


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Authentic vintage reproduction baseball caps by Ebbets Field Flannels


You can pick up a baseball cap just about anywhere – but nothing like these authentic vintage reproduction baseball caps by Ebbets Field Flannels.

They're reproductions of caps worn from days gone by, often featuring designs by teams or leagues no longer in existence. All premium stuff too, using original wool flannel broadcloth, with a goat hair buckram soft crown, satin undervisor and cotton sweatband. No sir adjuster either, you'll need to buy the one for your head size.

Pictured above, you'll find one for the Habana Leones, as worn in the Cuban League in 1940 and over the page, you'll see the Brooklyn Tip Tops cap fro, the Federal League in 1914. See all the range at the Superdenim site, price  for each one is £42.50.

Find out more at the Superdenim website

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Baseball Bomber Jacket from Topshop


While many of the womenswear trends inspired by 1950s America are ultra-feminine – from housewife demure to pin-up girl vamp – there's much great style to be plumbed in the menswear of the time. This Baseball Jacket from Topshop takes a great frat boy look and gives it to the girls.

The jacket is a classic piece of Americana, with banded collar and cuffs serving as a contrast to the soft jersey jacket. Adding the boyfriend-jacket element of the 1950s high school style, this simple piece of outerwear is ideal for a great variety of fifties looks from preppy girl to biker girlfriend.

Get it now from Topshop for £40.

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Lacoste Baseball Bomber Jacket


A timeless gem from the current Lacoste range – this Lacoste Baseball Bomber Jacket.

Yes, it's a classic 60s-style bomber jacket, the kind of thing Fred Perry tends to knock out on a regular basis. Only this time it's the French crocodile on the front of the lightweight navy jacket, which also has a ribbed jersey collar, cuff and hem, along with contrasting white detailing.

Available in most sizes at Oi Polloi, it sells for £140.

Find out more at the Oi Polloi website