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Over 10 years on, Lekki reissues the Nokia 3210 mobile phone


It sold 160 million units when it first launched back in 1999 and over 10 years on, the Nokia 3210 has been reissued for those who want a 'back to basics' mobile phone in their pocket.

From the people who recently brought back the Motorola StarTAC, this is a recycled 'vintage' phone that's undergone a modern makeover. Indeed, it follows the same principles as that first phone, with a choice of bright colours (or simply a black finish) for that recycled phone, new premium packaging, a charger and new battery.

If you've forgotten the original, there's a rather basic set of features, including mono ringtones, vibration function, the option to call and text, an alarm, calculator plus smack, rotation and memory for the games. In a strange kind of way, this Nokia 3210 will probably get you more attention than a new iPhone 4 – and for a price of 75 Euros online.

Find out more at the Lekki website

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Mobiles phones go retro – Motorola StarTAC gets a colourful reissue


As a rule, the 1990s is a bit too early to become 'retro', but as mobile phones are updated pretty much on a weekly basis, 1996 is a lifetime away in the world of handsets. That was the year the Motorola StarTAC was first issued and almost 15 years on, it's been reissued in various colourful shades.

Not by Motorola you understand. The new StarTAC is produced by French company Lekki, with the vintage flip phone being the first in a range of old phones being brought back by the company, aimed at lovers of no-nonsense calling and no doubt, modern-day hipsters with a love of the ironic.

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