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Phaidon Design Classics for the Apple iPad


Way back in our formative years of 2006, we feature what's still a must-have series of books – the Phaidon Design Classics. Well, times change, as does technology, so in 2010 you can now pick up Phaidon Design Classics for the iPad.

It really does look stunning, almost (but not quite) tempting us into investing in Apple's much-hyped tablet. For your money, you get the history of (primarily) 20th century design, just about everything worth owning with 1,000 timeless designs in full colour from the giants of our age, all in chronological order and in this version, rendered stunningly in 3D.

If you've got an iPad (or plan on doing so soon), Phaidon is doing the book conversion for $19.99 initially. Or you can still opt for the traditional book set, which is priced at £100.

Phaidon Design Classics for iPad

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David Bailey: Look by Jackie Higgins


Described as the 'only book to cover the complete career', David Bailey: Look by Jackie Higgins is available in the coming days, courtesy of Phaidon.

That means everything from the 60s work to recent output, including works from key monographs such as his debut 'Box of Pin-Ups' (1964) and the controversial series 'The Lady is a Tramp' (1995) and everything in-between, taking in family snapshots and gritty London streetscapes, along with portraits of the Rolling Stones, Andy Warhol, Catherine Deneuve, Michael Caine and the Kray twins to name just a few. There's also an introductory essay, plus short texts which reveal the stories behind each photograph

Hardback and covering 128 pages, it sells for just £5.96 on Amazon and ships from 31st March 2010.

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