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Mobile Evolution by Kyle Bean

Mobile Evolution

This Mobile Evolution print by Kyle Bean is a simple but effective way to show how technology has changed over a relatively short period. 

The Brighton based design has placed simplified models of the phones into a line, starting with the huge brick like forms of over 30 years ago and moving onto the more slimline devices of today. 

If you like, snap it up now as it's a limited edition of 100. 

The A4 sized print costs £22. 

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Reconditioned Wall Telephones

New in at Pedlars are these Reconditioned Wall Telephones.

They look like the classic 500 series phones in shape, but they are designed to be wall mounted, which makes them that little bit more unusual. The phone is available in either black or ivory and they have the old-fashioned rotary dial, rather the modern push buttons.

The telephone costs £235 from Pedlars.