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Limited edition UFO postcard set by Piper Gates Design


Remember the UFO print we featured earlier in the month? Well, the people behind that are back with a variation on the theme – this limited edition UFO postcard set by Piper Gates Design.

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London postcard cushion from Jigsaw

Postcard cushions
There's a nostalgic feel running through Jigsaw's Spring homeware range, as typified by this London postcard cushion.

Looking like it's been inspired by a vintage souvenir scarf, it's decorated with black and white vignettes of some of London's most famous buildings, such as Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace. 

Made from cotton, it costs £35.

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Laura Ashley Postcard Print Cotton Dress

Md157navyp_medium Laura Ashley have come up trumps with retro inspired summer dresses the past couple of years and this Postcard Print Cotton Dress looks like another winner.

The dress is made from a fantastic fifties-style printed fabric with a vintage postcard motif on a deep navy background. Referencing classic Grace Kelly style Riviera chic it's a great holiday dress, full of the promise of seaside glamour and elegance.

It's made of 100% cotton and fully lined with a gingham hem frill, flattering waist tie and full skirt.

The dress costs £100 and you can buy it here.

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American Postcard Art

Postcard art

Pick up some seasonally appropriate artwork for your home, courtesy of American Postcard Art

Their product is pretty self explanatory from their name. Explore their vast collection of postcards and choose a design to be printed up for your walls. You can search by using the categories people, places or things. Though their collection is mainly US focused, such as this California postcard which is postmarked 1941, they do also have a selection of vintage UK postcards too. 

Prices start at $29 for 8" by 10" photogloss reproduction and go up to $689 for 4" x 72" canvas. reproduction. 

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Keep Calm and Rock On card by Nancy & Betty

N&B keep calm

Just when you think the slogan has died a death, some new variation on the ubiquitous 'Keep Calm and Carry On' theme pops up. This time it's courtesy of Nancy & Betty, with their Keep Calm and Rock On card. 

It replaces the well known crown of the original design with an image of an Eames rocker to illustrate the command. Nancy and Betty clearly must have a thing about Eames rockers if you compare it to their rocking new home card we previously featured. These sell in packs of five, each coming with their own envelope, and cost £6 for a set. 

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Make a City London postcard set

Make a City London

Yesterday we showed you tiles based on postcards from the '50s and '60s but for an alternate tourist take with a distinctly retro feel, try this Make A City London postcard set

The set features five designs to cut-out and stick together that are based around a very nostalgic view of the city including rock and roll and fish and chips and, of course, the Routemaster bus. The designs are executed in bright colours and have a very Pop feel. In fact, given the subject matter of the postcards they'd have probably been as applicable in 'Swinging London' as they are now. 

At only £3 for a set, they're as cheap as the chips they illustrate. 

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