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Tesco does a budget Pumpkin-style chair


We love the Pumpkin chair. An early 70s design classic from Pierre Paulin and originally produced for Georges Pompidou's private apartment in the Élysée Palace, this space age gem went into mass production for the very first time in 2008, appearing most recently as an annviversary edition. But with prices starting at a very minimum £900 (and usually much more), it's not cheap. So here's an alternative – the Tesco Sphere chair.

Ok, it doesn't have the finesse of the Paulin original, it just wouldn't. But it does offer up a similar profile, with a circular shape, slightly raised back and a choice of fabric or leather construction. The fabric is in red, the leather in black.

If you are trying to re-create that 70s space age look, the Sphere chair offers the shape and the style without the big price tag. How cheap? Well, the fabric chair is yours online for £144.99, the leather discounted for £129.99. Even better, Tesco has discount code on its site right now that knocks another £10 off both prices.

Find out more at the Tesco Direct website