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Linen Sailor Dress from Dig For Victory

Sustainable retro fashion label Dig For Victory offer a selection of beautiful limited edition frocks, handmade in the UK with vintage and reclaimed fabrics. 

This Linen Sailor Dress is made using pinstriped Irish linen which was bought as "end of roll", meaning that there will only ever be 10 made. The red accents give the dress a subtle nautical twist and the linen will make it cool enough for even the most scorching of summer days. Eco-chic at it's absolute best.

The Linen Sailor Dress dress is made to measure for a perfect fit. £115 from the Dig For Victory Etsy store.

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Distressed Tripod Lamps

Pedlars currently has a stock of Distressed Tripod Lamps which have been assembled from a mixture of reclaimed and new parts, meaning each one is unique.

The lamps are available in a choice of sizes. Large stands at 102cm when fully extended with a lamp head measuring 33cm by 24cm, while the Medium size is 51cm high with the same size lamp head. Both of these are available in a rusted metal finish. The Small size reaches 41cm high with a lamp head 15cm deep. This size is available with a red reflector as well as the rusted metal option. The lamps are priced £250,£375 and £425 according to size.

Visit Pedlars to buy.