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Robot Matryoshkas

The latest in a long line of retro robot products to appear on these pages is this set of Robot Matryoshkas.

The traditional Russian nesting dolls has been transformed into a group of retro robots. Each robot is a different design (the second size down looks particularly mean!) and, of course, they are all varying sizes, ranging from 4 ½ inches to just over an inch tall.

The set costs $13.99 (about £9) from Perpetual Kid.

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Clifford Richards Retro Robot Clocks

Regular readers will already be familiar with Clifford Richards’ retro robot designs. Now The Original Metal Box Company has produced three Retro Robot Clocks based on his designs.

The clock is made from laser-cut mild steel, which has been powder coated to give it a rich finish in either red, blue or green. The robot stands on a “spaceship launchpad” base, but can also be attached to the wall with the fittings included.

The clock costs £33 from The Original Metal Box Company.

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Blafre Robot Lunch box

Blafre robot
After Wednesday's Lunch Man here's another retro way to get your kids to take their lunch to school (or you to take your sandwiches to work): the Blafre Robot Lunch box.

The lunch box is both retro-inspired in terms of material and imagery. It's made from metal with a plastic handle and is decorated with cheerful simplified images of robots. Like this lunch box? The Norwegian company also produces the same design on a smaller storage tin. 

The lunchbox costs £10.95 or you can buy the tin for £6. 

Buy it from Nettlegreen

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Clifford Richards Robot Night Night Light

We've featured some of his  original prints at Elphicks last week and have previously given quite a lot of love and attention to Clifford Richards' robot designs but have only just come across his robot Night Night Light

The wonderfully retro robot shape is made from recycled powdered steel and would be perfect for a kids bedroom. To up the eco credentials, it's solar powered and come bed time, the robot is backlit by a warm glow. Other animal-inspired shaped night lights are available, but this is definitely the favourite option for a good night. 

The light costs £38. 

Buy it from Magma