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eBay watch: Juliette spy briefcase with reel-to-reel recorder


Fancy setting yourself up as a sixties secret agent? We have just the thing to get you started, this Juliette spy briefcase with reel-to-reel recorder.

It is spy kit from 'back in the day', working via mains or battery (although the former might be a giveaway) and looking like our average briefcase from the outside. But inside is that reel-to-reel tape recorder, which works with a microphone for covert recordings.

A strange thing – and not something you'll see again in a hurry. £6.15 is the current price. Lots more images on the site.

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Images of all-new Volkswagen Beetle appear online


It was the first of the classic cars to get a modern makeover, but with both the Mini and Fiat 500 overtaking it of late, 2011 is perhaps a good time for an all-new Volkswagen Beetle to launch.

According to Car magazine, which has a clutch of spy shots (you can see more over the page), the all-new Beetle will be unveiled around April/May, with the images shown being the latest test model. It might still change a little before it hits the showroom (with regard to the wheel arches in particular, which are still based on the current model), but this is almost the finished item.

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