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Vintage cine camera lighting by Four Legs

Vintage cine camera lighting by Four Legs
Vintage cine camera lighting by Four Legs

An interesting way of repurposing a piece of technology from yesteryear. Creating this vintage cine camera lighting, courtesy of Four Legs. Read more

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Free Super 8 vintage film shooting app for iPhone and iPad


It's actually a movie tie-in, but the Super 8 app for the iPhone and iPad is still one of the best apps around. Best of all? It's free too, making it a better proposition than the similar iSupr8 app.

Essentially it turns your mobile phone or tablet into a super 8 film camera, without the film obviously. You shoot at the touch of a button, with the option to switch lenses, throw in filters and add someshake effects.  When you are done, you send it off to be developed (another push of a button), then you can view it in your projector room (on our phone) or export it to a computer / share it with friends.

Seven lens effects in total, plus three animated filters, a scratch and dirt overlay and those shake effects offer real authenticity and as we said – it's absolutely free. Only free for a limited time though, so grab it now.

Find out more at the iTunes website

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iSupr8 app – more Super 8 movie shooting for your iPhone


You might recall the 8mm Vintage Camera app we featured a few weeks back. Well, now there's another operating in similar territory – the iSupr8 app for the iPhone.

It's not a million miles away from the other app in theory- shoot video directly from the app, giving it a film-burn just like Super 8 home movies. Once shot, you can watch your video back, save the videos to your camera roll, email them or add to Facebook. There's also the option to use the iPhone's LED spotlight for shooting in the dark.

A video over the page gives you an idea of how it works. Read the reviews of both apps before you go for one, but if you opt for this, it sells for $1.99 or £1.19.

Find out more at the iTunes website

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eBay watch: 1970s Braun Nizo 148 XL Super 8 film camera


If you like the idea of getting into Super 8 movie making (and there plenty of resources out there to help), you might want to check out this gem on eBay – a Braun Nizo 148 XL Super 8 film camera.

The work of German Bauhaus designer R. Oberheim back in 1974, it comes with its original Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon 1,8/8-48 mm zoom-lens and a original black Braun bag to carry it. You'll have to find your own film, but that shouldn't be hard.

It's described as being in 'used but good' condition, with normal signs of wear, fine scratches and some loss in the lettering. But it is fully working, which is the important part. It's also very cheap right now – just £1.26. See the site for lots more images.

Find out more at the eBay website