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This is Tomorrow tea towel

This is Tomorrow tea towel

We've already highlighted the reprint of the 1956 This is Tomorrow exhibition catalogue, re-printed to accompany a new display about the exhibition that's on at the Whitechapel gallery. That exhibition is frequently held up as the beginning of British Pop Art. What better way to mark the impact of Pop Art onto everyday life than buying this accompanying This is Tomorrow tea towel

The tea towel reproduces some simple black and white artwork from the original exhibition. Couple that up with the distinctive 'This is Tomorrow' typography and you've got a striking piece of design. Fans of art and cooking will also be pleased to hear that an apron, again reproducing work from the show, is also available. 

The tea towel costs £18. 

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This is Tomorrow: reprint of original 1956 catalogue

This is tomorrow

The 1956 This is Tomorrow exhibition, held at London's Whitechapel Gallery, is widely regarded as one of the seminal exhibitions in British art of the second half of the twentieth century, arguably heralding the start of the British Pop Art scene. To accompany a display looking at the exhibition, the Whitechapel are printing a facsimile of the original catalogue. 

That's 132 pages, including 100 black and white images, looking at the work artists, architects and theorists produced for the exhibition. The long role call includes such name as Eduardo Paolozzi, Erno Goldfinger, Lawrence Alloway and Richard Hamilton who exhibited his famous 'Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing?' collage in the show. The only difference between that and the original is a two page insert from the current director and the archive curator of the Whitechapel. 

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