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Stove Top Espresso Maker from Rigby and Mac

Stove Top Espresso Maker
Stove Top Espresso Maker

Coffee purists favour the short strong espresso over complicated flavoured concoctions and this Stove Top Espresso Maker from Rigby and Mac would seem to be the perfect way to make it.

Tea is always the first choice of hot beverage round at my house, but I’m still always drawn to the paraphenalia that goes with making a proper cup of coffee – and this espresso maker is no exception.

The jug has a simple, but classic design with a coated stainless steel exterior in either cream or blue. It holds enough for six cups of coffee, so if you keep it on the stove that should see even the bigger caffeine fiend through the morning.

And its cheap enough to justify buying bought by the more casual coffee drinker too.

The Espresso Maker costs just under £25 from Rigby and Mac.


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