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Vintage vinyl storage: 7-inch leather record boxes by TukTuk

We have picked out a few vintage and vintage-style portable record players of late, which seem to be pretty plentiful on eBay right now. But what about carrying the actual vinyl? You could check out these 7-inch leather record boxes by TukTuk.

A company perhaps best known for its shirts does occasionally drift off into other territory and this is one such case, bringing back a classic – but with more of a premium feel than the ones you perhaps remember. No faux leather here, this is actual leather, with a fabric lining, sized just right for those 7-inch singles (around 60 in total) and with a stainless steel handle and buckle, button down reinforcement clasps on either side of box and hand-stitched corners for extra durability.

If you want one, don't hang about as they seem to be going quickly. £65 is the price and there are various colours to choose from.

Find out more at the TukTuk website



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