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Commodore PC64 – modern-day PC in original Commodore 64 casing


No, this isn't some mad bedroom project, the modern-day Commodore think it's a great idea to stick a modern PC into an old Commodore computer, producing the Commodore PC64.

You've got to admire its bravery or stupidity. Delete as applicable. Anyway, this is an Intel Atom-powered PC featuring 4GB of memory, 1TB of HDD space, HDMI output, an optical drive (DVD/CD or Blu-ray) and of course, 'an exact replica' of the original beige C64 chassis. Before you ask, no it doesn't take tapes.

All Retro To Go writers will be required to use one when they go on sale just ahead of Christmas. Saying that, there's no official price as yet – if it's over £500, we might stick with our increasingly retro/old laptops.

Commodore website

Via Engadget

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Karlsson Lotus wall clock at Wallace Sacks

Wallace Sacks lotus

This Lotus wall clock, which is currently on sale at Wallace Sacks, offers a cheap way of getting some retro chic into your home. Its metal surround resembles the symbol of the atom and makes it look like it came straight out of the era when the atom was seen as an emblem of progress and the future. 

It's made by Karlsson and you may remember that we've featured another clock by them under this name before. However, the simplified metal surround on this clock makes it look much later in period than the other model. 

The clock is currently for sale at the reduced price of £20 on the Wallace Sacks website