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eBay watch: Five of the best original Raleigh Chopper bikes

1980s Mk II Raleigh Chopper
1980s Mk II Raleigh Chopper

Yes, it has been remade and you can go and buy one of those online right now. But it isn’t the genius of the original Raleigh Chopper. Thankfully some prime examples are available on eBay right now – and in time for Christmas. Read more

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Early Rider Bike – biker cool for your kids


If your young child is showing rebellious tendencies, you might as well get the bike to match – the Early Rider Bike.

Yes, this is a motorcycle-style bike for your kids, styled like the bikes seen in Easy Rider – that name is no accident after all. It's also a robust, wooden-framed bike with no pedals, designed to teach your child to ride a bicycle. Just as long as you are on hand in case it goes wrong.

Suitable for two to five-year-olds, you can get one at Pedlars, £110 is the price.

Find out more at the Pedlars website

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eBay watch: Raleigh Chopper mk2 and mk3 bicycles


If you want to relive your childhood and cruise the streets on an original Raleigh Chopper, you can do that quite easily with a few quid and a visit to eBay. Indeed, there's a large number of models and spare parts constantly for sale. But we'll be looking at Raleigh Chopper mk2 and mk3 models, both of which are for sale as part of the same lot.

The image shows off the subtle differences between the two – seat and handlebars most obviously, the mk 2 being the one you probably remember with most fondness. Like all original  Choppers, they are getting more sought-after by the year, so you don't get perfection unless you pay top price.

These two offer above average condition, but do need some work – a good polish, possible re-chroming of the mudguards, a small rip in one of the seats and the odd scratch. But nothing to make you run a mile. However, you might when you see the price – currently at £280. If that's a bit rich, check out those other auctions for something cheaper, but probably involving more restoration work.

Find out more at the eBay website