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House Industries plywood prints

Banjo print

More stylish artwork courtesy of House Industries, in this case with their plywood prints

Their prints are all based around fonts devised for the advertising industry between the 1930s and the 90s. One print actually reproduces the index to these fonts but the Banjo print pictured reproduces the alphabet and has a strong late 60s/70s look with the plywood material adding to the retro feel. Each print is pre-drilled to help with hanging them on your wall. 

The prints cost $100 each. 

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Eames House Blocks from House Industries

Eames house

Start teaching your kids about good design from an early age with these Eames House Blocks from House Industries

It's a set of 36 basswood blocks meant to form Case Study House no. 8, otherwise known as the Eames House. Designed by Ray and Charles Eames and constructed in 1949 in Los Angeles, it is held up as an landmark of mid-century modern architecture. Each block – 20 making up the house, 16 for their separate studio – is printed with part of the house's geometric facade. The non-toxic materials used makes it suitable for kids but I'd be tempted to keep it pristine and well out of their reach. 

An extra incentive to do that comes with the price. At $175, it's certainly not pocket money. 

Buy it from House Industries

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Eames Arrow serigraph print at House Industries


A tribute to the iconic imagery of Charles and Ray Eames with the Eames Arrow serigraph print, available at House Industries.

Packed with a plethora of arrows in red on an off-white background, the print is specifically a tribute to the Eames' legacy and to House Industries' new Eames Century Modern Collection.

In terms of the print, it has been hand printed by David Dodde, it is individually numbered and it is printed onto 130# acid-free cover weight paper. Sized at 660mm x 508mm, it sells for $40.

Find out more at the House Industries website